Account Based Prospecting That Generates Meetings

We leverage buyer intent by talking to buyers before we start.

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Document why prospects actually need your solution.

Collect data for insights, then connect it for intelligence.

Tailor campaigns to segments.

Tailor messages to accounts.

Sales Intelligence That Closes Deals

There are plenty of signals out there, both free and paid, but unless someone does the hard work of interpreting them, they’re just data, not intelligence.

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What passes for sales intelligence is usually just a collection of data points from scraped social profiles. Interesting, but without some smart interpretation, it isn’t great. We think sales intelligence should identify both buying intent and sales opportunities in an account. Things like relevant new initiatives, department budgets, and recent strategy shifts that provide a roadmap to effective outreach.

How Buyer Foresight Sales Intelligence Works

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As a start up, validating product-market fit is a critical step. Although I initially hesitated to work with a third party on my outreach efforts, BuyerForesight quickly became members of our team. They crafted messaging, approached prospective customers with professionalism, and held them-selves accountable.
Joe Saunders
CEO - Runsafe Security
Our sales directors say the quality of opportunities is very high. BuyerForesight leads convert to Sales Accepted Opportunities more often than my BDR team’s leads.
Andy Sheldon
VP Marketing - Unifi Software
BuyerForesight has been an excellent demand generation partner for ALSCG. Early on in the relationship we particularly liked their onboarding process that aligned their teams to our services, segments and key messages. That process put the project off to a great start. Overall they are flexible and quick to adapt, and the prospect profiles they provide our salespeople are very valuable.
Sophie Ferronato
Director of Marketing - ALSCG