Prospects will teach you more about buyer motivations than anyone else. 

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To understand buyers, talk to prospects. They will surprise you with insights that contradict comfortable assumptions about positioning, messaging and targeting.

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    Some of Our Prospect Intelligence Customers

    Prospect Intelligence Research

    Customers can’t tell you why companies choose your competitors over you, whether your buyer personas are valid or whether your latest pitch will work. Surveys can’t answer the questions you didn’t already know to ask. For these, you need Prospect Intelligence.

    B2B tech companies choose BuyerForesight Prospect Intelligence for our ability to find and engage the exact kind of prospects you want to test your assumptions with. The best research program will fail unless the research subjects are precisely chosen. Our global database, intent prediction models and a proprietary methodology refined over 7 years of research ensure positive ROI from your investment.

    Our Approach

    BuyerForesight’s industry analysts begin by leveraging the most thorough and up to date databases of senior-level technology buyers at companies around the world.
    We fine tune targeting criteria with you to ensure we recruit only prospects who will provide useful insights.
    We build and execute a recruiting campaign to schedule research calls and manage all the related logistics.
    When assumptions are disproved, we quickly pivot to change who we recruit or what we ask. Our researchers make the most of unexpected responses to uncover questions we didn’t think to ask.
    All of this ends up in a carefully-reasoned report of findings and their implications.

    All calls are legitimate research calls; we do not support “back door” sales pitches. As you optimize your positioning and messaging based on what you learn, you will win more deals.

    Lost Deals

    As a 3rd-party research firm, we’ll find the real root causes for lost deals that buyers will never share with your sales team.

    Positioning & Persona Research

    Leverage prospects to better understand buyer motivations, test new messaging or validate go-to-market assumptions

    Pitch Testing Research

    We’ll coach your marketer on qualitative research interview best practices, find 100% ICP matches and schedule them for research calls you can use to test your latest pitch, collateral or ad.

    Custom Research Programs

    We build custom research programs tailored to nearly any competitor intelligence, product development, go-to-market, CX or sales challenge.

    Solutions our Clients Sell

    Financial Tech
    Insurance Tech
    ML/AI & Data
    HR Tech
    Healthcare Tech
    Marketing Tech
    Customer Experience
    Risk & Compliance

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    BuyerForesight Prospect Intelligence Research

    Companies use our Positioning & Segmentation Research to check product market fit for a new, upgraded or underperforming product. It’s also ideal for opening new markets.
    BuyerForesight will handle everything from recruiting to interviewing prospects to providing a complete analysis, or you can conduct calls yourself.
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