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What is Event-Led Growth?

As attention becomes an increasingly scarce commodity, breakthrough event marketing requires a thoughtful strategy combining both Event Marketing Intelligence and Event Marketing Program Orchestration.

Event Marketing Intelligence

Evolving customer expectations and market disruptions can rapidly render legacy events and field marketing campaigns obsolete. Event Marketing Intelligence helps future-proof investments through integrated intelligence and analysis.

Key features of Event Marketing Intelligence include:

A dedicated analyst providing monthly briefings on marketplace shifts, new competitive approaches, and emerging innovations
Proprietary qualitative research exploring attendee sentiment, preferences, and experiences

6 or 12-month programs available.

Event Marketing Program Orchestration

BuyerForesight’s end-to-end execution delivers experiences centered on addressing your targeted buyers’ high-impact pain points. We combine our understanding of your prospects’ challenges with integrated intelligence to produce meaningful attendee interactions.

Key features of Event Marketing Program Orchestration include:

All attendees are qualified and a 100% ICP match
A variety of virtual and in-person event types all designed to encourage attendee participation
Buyer insights before each event, personalized follow-up after each event
Analytics and performance measurement for continuous improvement of outcomes

3, 6 or 12-month programs available.

An average of 63 % of conversations we arrange become active sales opportunities.

Event Marketing Maturity Model

Our Event Marketing Maturity Model provides a snapshot for you to understand your current level of marketing sophistication. BuyerForesight Event Marketing Acceleration can help go from “Reactive” to “Optimized” with quantitative metrics that help grow your business 

Ad-hoc event execution

Little to no dedicated team

Processes are irregular & minimal strategy or performance tracking

Limited overall marketing orchestration


Consistent branding for Field Events

Centralized lead reporting

Basic integration with digital campaigns

Tracking basic metrics and value


Field plays aligned to buyer journey

Multi-channel lead nurturing

Customized geo-targeted digital amplification

Field marketing dashboards covering ROI


Field activity aligned with buyers & partners

Optimized processes including partner & Field lifecycle management (Multi-staged)

Geo-targeted account based field plays

Field ROI Analytics: Quantify field driven pipeline and attribution based on intelligence and revenue cycle stage per territory.


Field activity aligned with buyers, customers, community & partners

Architecting field efforts focused on priority needs of targeted regional ICP micro-verticals via customized industry-specific outreach.

Localized, personalized, contextual orchestration powered by audience analysis and optimization

Integrated campaigns fostering community connections between similar profiles tackling shared category challenges


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