Partner Acceleration Modules

Partner Co-Marketing

BuyerForesight Partner Co-Marketing is focused on building relationships with prospects and includes the following:

of joint ICP and pain points for each targeted partner

  • Joint collateral focused on creating a “Learning together” environment
  • Joint content collaboration
  • Personalized Multichannel Campaigns
  • Personalized content sharing – multichannel

Intimate, in-person roundtables, conferences and field marketing activities with qualified prospects: 

  1. Interactive and effective webinars
  2. Interactive Virtual experience roundtables
  3. In-person highly targeted roundtables
  4. Multi-partner roadshow
  5. Multi-partner half day/full day conference

Partner Enablement

BuyerForesight’s Partner Engagement Managers will own the ongoing management and execution of enablement initiatives across your partner ecosystem.
Sales Enablement Workshop

Conducting sales, technical and executive workshops to educate partners on solutions, selling motions, support processes etc.

Content Development

Crafting enablement collateral encompassing presentations, battlecards, case studies, proposal templates, integration guides etc. tailored to partners.

Interactive Modules

Creating engaging on-demand training covering overview, functions, integration, troubleshooting etc. on partner portals via videos, docs, assessments.

Business Planning

Helping partners map target customer segments, ideal sales plays, and committed growth plans including staffing, campaigns and proposals.

Funding & Rebates

Offering market development funds, co-marketing dollars, pricing discounts, rebates and deal registration rewards to drive partner investment.


Developing ready-to-run campaign-in-a-box assets that partners can use for demand gen activities.

Assessment & Certification

Structuring knowledge validation methods via tests, audits, case study reviews and certifying partners upon completing enablement milestones demonstrating mastery.

Analytics & Reporting

Providing analytics on performance, pipeline and sales along with reports that make it easy for partners to track progress on key business metrics.

Partner Acquisition

BuyerForesight’s partnership experts will design a partner acquisition strategy focused on the highest-value partner prospects.
Market Analysis

Identifying white-spaces, underserved customer segments or geos to define target partner profiles that can fill those gaps.

Recruiting Strategy

Mapping potential partners, prioritizing outreach approach based on resource investment needed and expected ROI.

Value Messaging

Crafting compelling messages conveying market traction, customer success and potential for business growth partners can unlock by collaborating.

Recruitment Campaigns

Multi-channel campaigns involving email nurturing, social outreach, events participation to engage potential partners.

Assessment & Screening

Vetting interested partners against criteria covering business maturity, financial health, customer base, capabilities, culture-fit etc.

Sales Conversations

Discovery discussions on needs and motivations, conveying benefits, and negotiating contracts.

Partner Strategy and Consulting

Building (or re-building) your partner ecosystem? Our partner strategy consultants will ensure you’re prepared to succeed.
Identify ecosystem gaps
and evaluate allies that can bridge them to expand reach.

We screen partners ensuring alignment with your values, offerings, and customers.

Drive business value 
Structure win-win relationships driving mutual business value.

We craft revenue share models, joint solution plans, co-branded market plays and spearhead executive alignment.

Continuous Connectivity
Architect programs and experiences enabling seamless ally integration.

We design everything from partner portals to incentives, streamline onboarding, integrate systems, and craft enablement content.

Operational Excellence
Operationalize and govern alliances driving continuous value realization.

We put execution frameworks in place covering relationship management, capability building, performance tracking against value metrics.

With us as your partner architects, you can build a thriving partner ecosystem accelerating growth, service excellence, and customer delight.

Partner Co-Selling

BuyerForesight will deliver everything partner sales needs to bring in more business including:
Deal Registration

Providing a portal for partners to register new opportunities and be rewarded for bringing deals.

Opportunity Management

Joint tools and systems to identify, qualify and progress partner-sourced opportunities with clear accountability.

Proposals & RFPs

Collaborating on responses to buyers’ requests for information, quotes, proposals and tenders, bridging the gap between vendor and their partner..

Sales Tools & Collateral

Furnishing customizable presentations, ROI calculators, competitor guides, case studies and other sales assets for the seller’s toolkit.

Sales Training

Conducting joint workshops with role plays to educate partner sales teams on positioning, objection handling, value communication, negotiation etc.

Executive Alignment

Getting execs from both sides to participate in customer meetings, site visits and discuss strategic imperatives.

Proofs of Concept

We’ll facilitate ways vendors should support partners to demonstrate solutions with trials, prototypes, demos and pilots that aid buyer evaluation.

Partner Incentive Management

BuyerForesight will help you architect best-in-class incentive solutions for your partner programs, including:
Incentives Planning

Conducting workshops and designing sprints to map out incentives for different partner tiers and success milestones.

Funds Administration

Providing a portal along with processes for partners to request, utilize, and report on market development funds (MDF).

Rebate Administration

Automating volume rebate calculations, approvals, and disbursement for partners upon achieving revenue goals.

Deal Registration

Offering a deal registration system for partners to submit and get pre-approved for rewards when closing net-new accounts.

Claims Management

Award dashboard and seamless submission process for partners to easily track and claim different rewards.

Analytics & Reporting

Performance dashboards providing full visibility into incentives utilization trends across channels, campaigns, and geographies.

Compliance & Audit

Guidance on policies compliance and conducting annual audits to identify any leakage or misuse of funds.

BuyerForesight acts as an extension of your partner management & marketing teams.

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