Prospect Intelligence

Influence. Engage. Drive Pipeline Growth

Prospect Intelligence

Conversational, qualitative research interviews with prospects generate answers to questions you never thought to ask. And unlike your customers, prospects won’t try to spare your feelings.

There’s nothing artificial about our Prospect Intelligence.

  •  We select senior-level buyers from up-to-date databases that we know will provide valuable insights.
  • BuyerForesight schedules and manages all of the recruiting campaigns and research calls for you.
  • We provide personalized coaching to help you interview like a pro, or we’ll conduct the interviews on your behalf.
  • You can leverage findings to help you optimize your positioning, messaging, product features, buyer personas and more.
Prospects will teach you more about buyer motivations than any purchase intent platform if you ask the right questions.

New Product Market Entry

Positioning and Persona Research

Pitch Testing

Prospect Intelligence is the foundation for our Auracle Field Marketing Acceleration System.

Effective field marketing requires an in-depth, current understanding of what pain points prospects will pay to solve. The BuyerForesight Auracle Field Marketing Acceleration System provides the granular insights needed to produce a successful field marketing program, from targeting to topic development to content marketing. Learn more here.

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