The BuyerForesight Difference

“Leads” are no longer enough.

We recruit in market buyers for conversational events that produce warm opportunities for you.

You have a low-pressure chat (NOT a pitch) with a group of prospects on a challenge they care about. In the course of that conversation you establish your expertise and credibility.

Next step? Individual sales calls with prospects who now have confidence that you understand their challenge.

We help you achieve the following:

Prospect Sales Intelligence Up Front

We deliver well-researched profiles of each attendee before the event to help you plan the conversation in advance.

All of the account and prospect research we do becomes your proprietary data asset; we’ll add all the ideal customer profiles we identify to your company information database or CRM.

The New Pipeline System

Building a pipeline one lead at a time doesn’t scale well. The BuyerForesight events-driven approach creates a multi-track campaign focused earning great sales meetings by offering value first.

Prospects engage more readily and get to learn from peers as well as from you. Even if they don’t convert right away, they will engage with our nurture campaigns.

Rely on our experience

sales pipeline generated for BuyerForesight clients
of scheduled meetings convert to qualified opportunities
BuyerForesight client deal size