How We Build a
Better Sales Pipeline

Prospects care more about the problems you solve than the stuff you sell.
That’s why we focus on problem-solving before pitching.

Target a key account list

Build campaigns to invite prospects to conversations, not pitches

Deliver value with information and peer networking

Create awareness and credibility from users through C-suite

Earn sales meetings with newly-engaged prospects


We use your existing whitepapers, case studies and blog posts to build compelling reasons to network and learn with you.


We research and identify key buyers, influencers and users to target in each account.


We persuade the right stakeholders to join a group of peers discussing shared challenges.

Some will convert to SQLs; we’ll nurture the rest.

Our Offerings 

Common Sense Virtual Conferences
(Buyers & Influencers)

20-30 pre-qualified attendees, half from your target accounts
10 guaranteed meetings

1-hour Virtual Roundtables
(Buyers & Influencers)

8-10 pre-qualified attendees from your target accounts
Thought leadership content

Common Sense Virtual Workshops
(Buyers & Influencers)

3 hour interactive workshop for 15-30 pre-qualified attendees from your target accounts
Multi-sponsor or single-sponsor

Common Sense Micro Learning Videos
(Influencers & Users)

15-30 second pre-roll
3 minute gated video with specific how-to content
Can also add testing/certification

Common Sense Learning Series
(Influencers & Users)

10-minute pre-recorded how-to video
10-minute case study video (related to previous how-to)
1-hour live Expert Q&A session (related to previous videos)
50 registered attendees