BuyerForesight has been an excellent demand generation partner for ALSCG. Early on in the relationship we particularly liked their onboarding process that aligned their teams to our services, segments and key messages. That process put the project off to a great start. Overall they are flexible and quick to adapt, and the prospect profiles they provide our salespeople are very valuable.
Sophie Ferronato
Director of Marketing - ALSCG



AI enabled virtual analyst platform helps Security Operations Centers be more efficient. SOCs using PatternEx detect advanced threats 20X faster without hiring new analysts.


PatternEx faced typical early stage start-up challenges building a sustainable go-to-market strategy. They needed opportunities with tech forward companies able to understand both the current utility and future promise of the tool.


They had doubts about hiring an agency like BuyerForesight. Would they understand how to position a fast-evolving AI product? Would the campaigns help or hurt the PatternEx brand? Would they actually be able to deliver qualified opportunities?

Approach: Understanding customer pain

  • Interviewed CISOs to understand their pain & real-world issues.
  • Identified Ideal Customer Profiles.
  • Identified partnerships to help penetrate G2000 accounts.
  • A combination of LinkedIn, direct email, partnership & event marketing campaigns were tested, improved & tested again.

Qualified Opportunity

For PatternEx this means an activated, engaged prospect at a qualified account who demonstrates Desire, Need and Authority to move forward to a proof of concept. It can take multiple calls to get to this point.

PatternEx results

  • 672 G2000 Accounts activated
  • 104 Meetings
  • 41 Proof of concept
  • 8-Figure pipeline over 14 months



Unifi’s Data as a Service platform has rapidly become the go-to tool of choice for business analysts at Global 2000 companies including AT Kearney, Boston Biomedical and Disney.


Unifi needed their sales team be both more effective and more efficient. This meant improving the ratio of initial calls that moved to demo stage and keeping the sales team focused on selling.

Insource or outsource?

Unifi weighed the trade-offs carefully. Would communication with an outsourced team be a challenge? Can we depend on an outsourced vendor to represent us seamlessly?

Approach: Understanding customer use cases

  • Pain points to position a new kind of software was job one. We used research and a lot of testing to iterate to a core set of messaging themes that consistently delivered qualified opportunities for Unifi.
  • Testing revealed the optimal combination of direct segmented email, event marketing and LinkedIn campaigns.

Qualified Opportunity

A Qualified opportunity for Unifi is an engaged prospect at a qualified account who demonstrates Desire, Need and Authority to buy and agrees to a demo.

Unifi’s results

  • 373 Accounts Activated
  • 31 Meetings
  • 16 Qualified Opportunities
  • 7-Figure Pipeline in 3 Months

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