As a Technical Architect you will build a B2B Web-based SaaS product capable of combining Human and Machine Intelligence for triangulating different data points and predicting buying intent for companies. You will be the first one in the Tech department and will be responsible to build a team.

Who we’re looking at:
  • Total experience – 6 to 8 years
  • Relevant (NLP) experience – 3+ years
  • Education : B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech Computer Science from Tier – I/II college
Role Requirements:
  • Work closely with founders to establish product road map and timelines
  • Lead the team of engineers towards solution building
  • Be a team player
  • Excellent communication
Required Functional Skills:
  • Experience conceptualizing, implementing and delivering product from
    scratch in any web based B2B/C domain
  • Experience leading complex web based B2B applications using python or
    any other web framework
  • Hands on with general NLP tasks and techniques, such as parsing, text
    pre-processing, NER, entity linking, relation extraction, topic modelling etc.
  • Knowledge of NLP libraries such as BERT, , NLTK, coreNLP
  • Experience developing word embeddings such as Glove, Word2Vec
  • Knowledge of web scraper libraries such as Scrapy, Beautifulsoup etc
  • Knowledge of common data processing techniques (cleaning, normalization etc)
  • Knowledge of building Data Pipeline using microservices
  • Knowledge of RDBMS and NoSql such as MongoDB/Cassendra/CouchDB
  • Experience building PoCs using open source technologies
  • Knack of converting manual tasks into automated jobs using combination of multiple open source technologies
  • Knowledge of Linux and Git
About BuyerForesight:

We’re a team of Sales Intelligence professionals providing Sales Intelligence and Demand generation services to US based niche technology solution providers. We’ve been in business since Sept 2014 and operate out of two locations in India (Kolkata & Bangalore) and one location in US (Duluth, Minnesota). We are currently a 37-member team as of Aug 2019 and growing rapidly. We started as a marketing services company and want to evolve as Marketing technology company.

Why you should work with us?
  • We’re agile and flexible as long as the deliverables are met
  • We’re a young, vibrant and energetic team with different cultures being part of our family
  • Your growth could be accelerated if you’re able to showcase your skills and knowledge
  • We work out of a co-working space where you get to meet and interact with other businesses to improve business knowledge
  • Because you’re smart and can make an informed decision

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